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Quest II - SHV Tandem class glider

The tandem paraglider QUEST II. is a new version of its successful forerunner. It is meant for a wide group of tandem pilots, who are looking for a wing that excels at dexterity and performance and its qualities make at the same time provision for higher claims to safety when flying in a pair. As well as its forerunner, it is possible to be used for powered paragliding , in this field its performance and flight qualities are appreciated mainly by PPG pilots.
The construction and technology of QUEST II., the new wing, is based on experience with its forerunner. The canopy is modified and new constructional elements are added. Together with new geometry it brings a new shift in the quality of the top tandem equipment. QUEST II. is – as a tandem glider – meant for more experienced pilots. They can appreciate its carefully worked-out design, particular constructional and flight details. Definitely, QUEST II. won‘t leave cold any recreational and even professional pilot.

It offers smooth and easy starts, traditionally excellent manoeuvrability. This all together with optimal setting of the basic speed and a minimal sinking gurantees great fun and a joy of shared experiences and an opportunity to realize brave sports plans. QUEST II. is a perfect choice and the right partner that will enable you to win recognition and at the same time to share enthusiasm about flying.

The great potential of QUEST II. gives wings to all, who make the decision.

QUEST is not an ordinary taxi! You can discover and open new prospects with other people – you must enjoy that!