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Addiction - SHV Performance class glider

! WARNING! Do not enter if you are worried of any kind of addiction. It is possible that you will succumb. If you are not afraid, do not hesitate, you are welcome!

The paraglider ADDICTION 2002 is meant for more advanced pilots for their recreational and sports flying. ADDICTION will enable pilots with competitive ambitions to realize their first cross country flights and competitive attempts, without feeling any handicap in performance, dexterity and the extent of speed, because ADDICTION is the most successful wing in its category.AddictionWith ADDICTION you can gain new experience with the full comfort of the Performance category and you can fully take advantage of its potential. Success of its pilots and their further sports development prove all this and the new version of this wing just points out its success up to now.

Its exceptional dexterity, optimal setting of basic speed and minimal sinking are the main components of the potential of the wing ADDICTION. The new version more develops the extent of speed and a new speed-system increases the maximum speed about incredible +10 kilometers per hour. To competition-oriented pilots the new version offers even a possibility to order a variation with unsheathed lines, without being forced to leave the category Performance. The new version ADDICTION 2002 distinctly shifts and extends present possibilities of sport-oriented pilots and offers its excellent performance and its qualities for their first and next sport successes. ADDICTION enables all other pilots a lead and an advantage, which they can change into more flying, safety and joy!

ADDICTION 2002 has been developed on the basis of experience with the previous type and also uses the application of diagonal components used by JOJOWING during the construction of powerful wings. This system has been successfully patented by JOJOWING and its use brings not only the guarantee of higher aerodynamic cleanness of the wing and reduction in a number of lines , but also conservation of toughness and very good flight qualities corresponding to the category Performance in spite of higher slimness of the wing. The outstanding aerodynamic cleanness of the wing on the whole depth of the profile and the optimal resolution of forces at the trailing edge are ensured by divided main profiles. Because of this constructional element, the wing doesn‘t lose part of its performance in exchange for so-called preloading between the leading and the trailing edge. The leading edge and its inlets are solved by a traditional triangular entrance, which is a constructional element that has been checked and used on our powerful wings for many years. The V-shaped entrance guarantees an aerodynamic cleanness of the leading edge without deformations in particular at higher speed and reduces negative impact on the performance of the glider and its flight qualities.

!ATTENTION! We offer an upgrade to the new version for all pilots using ADDICTION. More information on