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H.X.P 280

H.X.P 280


Anyone who's ever flown a HOP330 accepts it's simply one of the best tandem canopies in the world. And now manufacturers JOJOWINGS are releasing a new HOP tandem - the H.X.P 280.

JOJO knows this canopy will not be for everyone.

It's small which frightens some, and Yes, you need to be skilled to fly it.

The revolutionary seven-cell, cross braced canopy performs like a sports canopy, to give instructor and student a smooth, exciting ride.

The cross braced design means less lines which in turn means less drag.

The cross braced seven cell canopy results in a cleaner surface and increased aerodynamic profile.

There has never once been a hard opening. It has not failed to open, on heading, with a soft opening, providing the superior glide rate, excellent penetration, light toggle pressure and the powerful flare we've come to expect of any HOP or any sport cross-braced canopy.

Lighter tandem instructors in particular will benefit from the smaller canopy. They get good penetration and great steering. No going with the wind – you’ll get home from a bad spot because you have the penetration required. It’s also light to carry.

Extensively jumped at the Sunshine Coast Skydivers DZ in Australia, the demo canopy is the scene of much wrangling as to who will be jumping it next. Or again. And again.

Even with a 100kg passenger load, and nil wind, the canopy is performing like a champion.

The canopy uses Vectran lines (a no-shrinkage liquid crystal polymer) which means that the canopy stays in trim longer providing better openings, better performance and more money staying in the owners pockets with more jumps between relining.

This is a totally different canopy. Try it.

Sorry, your browser doesn't support the embedding of multimedia - download the video <a href="./HOPopening.mpg" target="_blank">here</a>.
Sorry, your browser doesn't support the embedding of multimedia- download the video <a href="./HOPlanding.mpg" target="_blank">here</a>.