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JOJOWING Company was officially established in 1992 as a company engaged in the development and production of paragliders and paragliding equipment. People participating in the Company’s establishment had been striving to „conquer“ the field already before 1989. By that time the products such as „VRATA“, „BIGLES“, the first computer-processed elliptic wing „FALCO“ (90'), “BASTARD“ (91') and finally „JOJO 27“ (92'), after which the Company itself was named.


In 1993 the product that followed was JOJO 27-93, which brought sport successes as a nomination to the World Championship '93 in Swiss Davos, the CR Championship of J. Pavlata and the CR Academic Championship of Aleš Kočí as well as a victory in Grand Prize of Stráník 93. In 1993 we developed a wing EASY for beginners and intermediate users, which then became a basis for our first two-seater glider EASY 38.


The most significant event in our Company in 1994 was the firstly used diagonal structure in the HELIX 31 glider. The pilot Pavel „Stoupa“ Štěpán was nominated to the European Championship in 1994 in Slovene Predvor and the technical design of this wing was successfully crowned by granting of a patent. In 1994 we began our cooperation with the World Master in parachuting Mr. J. Pavlata on the designing of sports parachutes. In that year our Company designed also the first prototypes of steerable kites of a „wing“ type.


In 1995 our Company used the experience with a diagonal structure to design the REBEL wing for sporting and race aviation, which Pavel Štěpán used when nominated to the European Championship 1996 in Norway. That year the YOKI model was designed for less advanced pilots and it was the basis of a very successful two-seat YOKI 38, YOKI 42 version. Since that year all our wings are marked with so called „wave“. The same marking is used also with the first prototypes of kites designed for towing – so called powerkiting, which were designed on the basis of the experience with the paraglider designs in cooperation with the best European pilots devoted to this new sport branch.


In 1996 YOKI was replaced by a paraglider PIXIE and CRAX 31 of a daring 6,7 aspect ratio was presented to public. Also its less rapid version CRAX 27 (6,13) was launched; A. Kočí was placed third at the CR Championship '97 in Slovenia and J. Pavlata won the Kozákov Cup in 1997 with this model. During that year also the model of racing steerable powerkite named JOJO RS met with first significant sport successes.


In 1997 our Company moved its seat from its original offices in the centre of Roudnice n.L. city to its new production halls. In that year we completed the certification of a paraglider PIXIE in the „Standard“ category and started to cooperate with K-air company in the powered paragliding field. Pavel Stoupa Štěpán won his first CR Championship in the PPG category for the year 1997 and participated in the World Aviation Games in 1997 in Turkey. Using the JOJO RS model one of our pilots won the European Championship in buggy-kiting. In this category we also won the Germany and Denmark Championship.


In the year 1998 our activities in powered paragliding continued with the cooperation with WALKER JET and DAKR companies. Pavel Štěpán proved that the PIXIE wing is suitable for MPG when winning his second CR Championship in 1998. We designed a special prototype of a motor para N-GIN for flying with paramotors. For free flying we designed the REBEL wing, which was to be used by advanced pilots, and which continued the 1995 model by its name as well as its use. The new type of kites - JOJO + JOJO light - was designed for children and fans of aerobatic flying. In the same year buggy-kiting fans were presented a new kite structure where diagonal elements were used for the first time in the World, which had been used only in structures of paragliders by then. This year was again very rich in sports successes when winning the Vice-Championship of Europe and Germany and the Championship of Denmark. Also gliders in America met with their first sports successes.


In 1999 we designed the ADDICTION wing for advanced pilots and their amateur and sport flying; in this year we also completed the SHV certification for the „performance“ class. In parachuting we completed the certification of the sports parachute H.O.P in 120, 135 and 150 sizes for advanced parachutists in RW-events and individual aerobatics. At the end of the season we succeeded to complete the certification of H.O.P 250, an older brother of small H.O.Ps, which is suitable for advanced parachutists as well as training of beginners. Moreover, we presented the JOJO ET kite suitable for beginning fans of powerkites and buggy kiting or the ones looking for a suitable combination for ski, snowboard, in-line skates or mountainboards towing.


The year 2000 was exceptional for our Company since the production capacity was increased by construction of new production halls and the opening of our out station. The 2000 season was successful for the Addiction type with which Radek Krampl „Jazzman“ was placed in the top ten of CPC 2000 and thus this type became the only model in the „performance“ category of the „professional“ class. At the end of the season our Company was successful with Pavel Stoupa Štěpán winning his third Championship of the Czech Republic in the PPG category with the paraglider PIXIE combined with a paramotor made by DAKR company. Our „standard“ category offer was enriched by a design of a new paraglider for beginning and intermediate pilots; in the parachuting field we started to examine a new tandem parachute named H.O.P 330 in cooperation with Tibor Glesk and the Australian tandem centre of Sunshine Coast Skydivers company. For enthusiastic racers and fans of speedy buggy-kiting and ski-kiting we designed a racing type of power kite with a type name JOJO RM using our experience with diagonal elements used in wing structures. Using this model our gliders won the Vice-Championship of Europe and came in first, second and third at the U.S.A. Championship in buggy-kiting. That year our Company presented a production type of a kite-surfing kite in the U.S.A designed especially for the beginners, named JOJO WET.


Our Company began the year 2001 by successful completion of testing and succeeding certification at SHV for the YOKI paraglider in the „standard“ category designed for beginning and slightly advanced pilots. During that season a tandem glider was designed and applied for certification at SHV on the basis of the above mentioned structure. A new glider TOPPER was presented to the racing fans. At CPC 2001 our pilots came in top positions with Radek „Jazzman“ Krampl being again placed in the top ten of the „Profi“ class as the only representative with a paraglider in performance category and Tomáš Hrabal winning the „Hobby“ class with the Addiction. Concerning parachutists we extended our offer by other sizes of a H.O.P parachute and completed operation application of a parachute canopy H.O.P 330 also outside Australia. The sports season in powerkiting continues the successful representation at the World Championship in kite-skiing from January of that year, where our kite-skier Lukáš Staněk gained in the sum of all events the title of the absolute World champion for the year 2001. Within the U.S.OPEN race series in kite-surfing our racers met with their first race successes with a special sports version of a kite-surfing JOJO RAGE kite.


The year 2002 was opened by successful certification of a tandem glider QUEST at SHV. Presently our Company prepares an extension of the offer of YOKI glider sizes. For parachutists we are completing the certification of an extreme size of a H.O.P 100 parachute. Our Company used the results of testing in the framework of the World Cup kite-surfing racing series to launch the production version of the JOJO RAGE kite in the European market and the offer for kite-surfing fans will be extended by the HYPE - inflatable kite.


Year 2003 was entered by Russian JOJO-team gaining theSnowkiting World title. New type of the competition kite for powerkiting - the RM+ is launched. Complete German buggykiting team nominated for Europe Championship with this kite. The Addiction did not find defeater in Performance category at Czech championship and took completely all the first places. Pavel Štěpán gained the title of Czech champion in powered paragliding. Winning engine was glider Yoki in combination with Dakr paramotor. During Czech championship we also tested new special glider for powered paragliding N-Gin, with which our pilot nominated himself for World championship. For parachutists we prepared during season new sizes of HOP - HOP 140 and HOP 155 and finalised testing and certification of new school parachute HOP 260-Multi. This year our cooperation with the Army of the Czech republic culminated and except for certification of some types their


The 2004 year was again begun by the successes of JOJO team riders and gaining of Snowkiting World Champion title. This year in Vancouver Canada. JOJO RM+ got also further valued trophies in buggykiting.

Paramotor world noticed new glider – paramotor special SPEEDY. Except successes in domestic country competitions and gaining the Champion of the Czech republic in PPG title is this wing official holder of world speed FAI record, that was set this year and its value exceeded the 60 km/h. Among other titles belongs also master trophy of Germany, Slovakia and Japan. Our company through SPEEDY became the partner of Czech representation team and at the same time started cooperation with pilots from the best teams of the world from France, Spain and Russia.

For free flying we prepared new high performance glider TOPER and opened the way for the pilots who grew up on the in his class unbeaten Addiction.

Other news of this year was also version of tandem QUEST II. Development team started cooperation on joint projects with SKY paragliders company.

On the skydiving scene, besides successes of new “FUN” series and growing fame of HOP 330, which was working on the biggest tandem dropzones in Australia and New Zealand, also appeared new project of the canopy with diagonal technology use demanded for cutting edge pilots. The end of the year also brought cooperation with the Army of the Czech republic on the HOP 330.


We begun the 2005 year by gaining the title of European Champion and Vice Champion in Snowkiting. This year on Silvaplana Switzerland. Big deal and our thanks belongs to the unbeatable Russian team. Their success had the force of JOJO revolution export! On the basis of the cooperation with Russian and Canadian team we prepared the newcomer for freestyle powerkiting – SESSION. This season on the European beaches had also JOJO winners across all performance categories.

In paragliding and powered paragliding we introduced new wing INSTINCT which is the successor of very successful YOKI. The top of the season was the World championship in France Grande Dieu 2005. our wings SPEEDY were in all successes of all winning teams in both categories PPG and PL-1. Except two silver medals of the Czech team PPG and PL-1 we also encountered the titles of the Champion of Czech republic, Slovakia and Germany and in PL-1 category title of the Champion and the Vice Champion of Czech republic.

The biggest success in paragliding was the third place in Brazil X-ceara 05 at the end of the season which took J. Habbermann on the TOPER wing. This year the cooperation of our development team with SKY paragliders company was extended and brought to market the competition wing Eris and performance wing Ares.

In Skydiving the base news was introduction of the type XF-15 using the diagonal construction. This type was successfully certified this year. We extended the cooperation in the area of the development and production of the canopies with MARS company not only in the area of the equipment for the Army of the Czech republic but newly also in sport skydiving. We opened new era of the skydiving technology not only in th Czech republic


Year 2006 will be in the name of further development of powered paragliding.

For free flying we will introduce new performance wing YON as a successor of Addiction. News in school gliders category are also expected

For powerkiting we preparednew types JOJO S7 and further, which will be introduced during season.

In Skydiving range we are finishing new canopy for experienced skydivers in intermediate-expert range under the typal name RAPTOR. Promising thing is also new type of tandem canopy with diagonal technology, that broke magical 300 ft bounds. Except these high technology projects we also prepare extending the offer in student category for HOP-Multi