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Quest - SHV Tandem class glider

The tandem paraglider QUEST is designed for wide range of tandem pilots who are looking for a wing excelling in steering control easiness, performance and flying qualities conforming to higher demands on safety in tandem flying.
The design and technology is based on the intention to use this wing in free as well as powered flying.
The QUEST is a tandem glider designed mainly for advanced pilots who can appraise its sophisticated design, single design details and flying qualities. Its performance and flying qualities will enthuse all amateur as well as professional pilots.
Beginning as well as professional tandem pilots will be pleased by its continuous and easy start, easy steering control and very good performance. Our traditional focus on steering control in combination with ideal setting of its basic speed and minimal sink rate predetermines this wing to amazing shared experiences as well as courageous sports plans. The possibility of full utilization of the QUEST wing with no limitations of stability and safety, will let you fly; and together with you also the others who you invite to share the experience. This wing will be definitely a good partner of yours and will enable you to win recognition in the crowd. The QUEST offers you to share the charm and enthusiasm from flying and discover new dimensions through the eyes of those who still do not know that they will soon hopelessly surrender to this charm.